Frequently Asked Questions

In which areas does Anywhere Anytime Concrete provide concrete and concreting services?
The majority of our work is based in Sydney, however we do undertake jobs in other parts of New South Wales.

What options do you have for decorative concrete floors?
We have a range of decorative concreting options including stenciled concrete (stone, slate, brick, paving), stamped concrete and exposed aggregate. Decorative concrete provides a modern alternative to standard concrete paving finishes at a competitive price over other authentic building materials.

Do you repair cracked or damaged concrete?
Yes we do. If your concrete floor, pathway or driveway is cracked or damaged call Anywhere Anytime Concrete for a free quote on concrete repair.

Do you pour concrete slabs?
Yes, at Anywhere Anytime Concrete we pour concrete slabs to be used as house slabs, foundation slabs (for sheds, garages, pergolas, patios and verandas) swimming pool areas and more.

Do you supply concrete?
Yes we do – and at a competitive price. When you call us for a quote, ask for a price with concrete supply and without, for your reference.

What concrete company do you use?
We have accounts with all the major concrete suppliers including Hy-Tec Concrete, Boral, Hanson, Readymix, Hymix, Concrite and Metromix.

Do you do small jobs like garden sheds?
Yes, Anywhere Anytime Concrete does all types of domestic work as well as commercial and industrial work.

How can I obtain a quote?
Simply fill out the contact form or call us on 0415 566 466.

Will my concrete crack?
Although all industry standards are met, it cannot be guaranteed that your concrete will not crack. Your concrete can experience some minor cracking due to movement and moisture underground. Talk to us about concrete cutting to reduce the risk of cracking concrete.

How do I know what type of concrete to use?
When concrete is mixed in the correct proportions, it can be used for many different purposes. For example the mix-design of concrete that is used for footings would be different to that of a house slab or a driveway.

After assessing a job, Anywhere Anytime Concrete will be able to recommend what type of concrete should be used.

How much concrete do I need for my job?
Concrete is purchased by the cubic meter (m3) and is placed by the square meter (m2).

Anywhere Anytime Concrete will measure and quote the job and advise you of the amount of concrete required.